Climate Action Plan 2.0

Eugene’s Community Climate Action Plan 2.0

Playbook for Eugene’s Climate Journey

View and download PDF versions of the following:

Upcoming Dates

  • June 10. Ad Hoc Work Group meets.
  • Early July. Release updated CAP2.0 document.
  • July 8. CAP2.0 Work Session.
  • July 15. CAP 2.0 Work Session.
  • July 27. CAP 2.0 Work Session.

Winter and Spring 2020 Community Engagement

City staff received feedback from community members about the CAP2.0 document throughout November and December of 2019. See the feedback summary

The Mayor’s Climate Recovery Ordinance Ad Hoc Work Group is reconvening to discuss the next steps in the CAP2.0 process. Take this survey on Engage Eugene to provide feedback on the themes from their work and add your ideas for additional actions to add to the CAP2.0.  

CAP2.0 Table of Contents