Eugene's Climate Action Plan 2.0

Eugene’s Climate Action Plan 2.0: A Roadmap for Eugene’s Climate Journey

Eugene’s Community Climate Action Plan 2.0 (CAP 2.0) serves as Eugene's roadmap to achieve the goals identified in our Climate Recovery Ordinance: 1) to reduce our fossil fuel use by 50% by 2030 compared to our 2010 usage, and 2) to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 7.6% annually.  The CAP 2.0 focuses specifically on actions that community partners have committed to working on that will help the community reach its climate goals most quickly. 

The goal of the CAP 2.0 is to work towards creating a livable and equitable Eugene for everyone in our community now and in the future. We seek to achieve this goal by applying the triple bottom line framework: environmental stewardship, social equity, and economic prosperity. 

The CAP 2.0 is an update to Eugene’s 2010 Community Climate and Energy Action Plan

"The CAP2.0 is a pathway not only to address climate change, but to create a better, more equitable, more livable community for everyone." 

                                            -Mayor Lucy Vinis

  1. Progress Reporting
  2. Implementation
  3. Community Engagement

Progress on the CAP 2.0

CAP 2.0 Tracking Dashboard

The CAP 2.0 Dashboard is a progress tool developed by the City of Eugene and the Eugene Climate Collaborative to measure annual progress on the CAP 2.0. The most recent CAP 2.0 Dashboard update was completed in 2021. 

Greenhouse Gas Inventory

The City of Eugene conducts greenhouse gas inventories at regular intervals to better understand trends and manage emissions from specific sources and activities. The 2021 Community Greenhouse Gas inventory quantifies emissions within the geographic boundary of Eugene, Oregon.

CAP2.0 Annual Report

The most recent CAP 2.0 Annual Report was completed in 2020. It shares highlights and priorities, specifically focusing on City-led efforts. Future reports will include updates from our partners.