Eugene's Climate Journey

CAP2.0 - Eugene's Climate Journey

Eugene’s Climate Journey spans decades and includes a long legacy of clean electricity and conservation, transit and active transportation investments, and a culture that values preserving the community’s rich natural environment. This legacy of community leadership provides a strong foundation for the difficult work ahead as we work together to meet our community climate goals. 

Reaching the Climate Recovery Ordinance 2030 local emissions goal will require a 790,000 MTCO2e reduction. It’s going to take action from multiple sources to meet those goals. 

City of Eugene Actions

The City of Eugene formally began its Climate Journey about a decade ago, with the completion of its first internal and community climate plans.  The CAP2.0 marks another milestone and reflects a continued commitment to create a community that will create a sustainable future for people who live here both now and in the future. Moving forward the City will continue to lead by example, implementing its Internal Climate Action Plan and also working with community partners to implement projects with community-wide impact. 

Eugene Climate Collaborative Actions 

Through the work of the CAP2.0 process the community has learned that the last ten years have been successful in that the distance to our destination, achieving the CRO goals, is getting shorter. Over the next 5-10 years, the ECC partners will implement actions that are forecasted to help the community move 40 percent of the way towards our goals. The City and other community actors continue to look for additional actions. That work is highlighted in Appendix 6. In addition, the ECC partners will continue to work together to identify steps to make the community more resilient to the impacts of climate change.

State and Federal Actions

The community will need support from the state and federal and government and from other international actors. From putting a price on carbon, to fuel economy standards, to implementing the United Nations Paris Agreement on climate change, some of the most impactful actions can be taken at these levels of government.

Next Steps in Eugene’s Journey

Eugene’s CAP2.0 is a both a plan and a playbook for Eugene’s Climate Journey. A plan implies certainty and a clear path forward. The CAP2.0 is like a plan in that it sets a destination with aggressive goals, data to help the community understand the path ahead, and a set of realistic actions that our community is prepared to act on. The City’s commitment to continue to take aggressive data driven action in partnership with the community will not change. A playbook implies a willingness to look for prospects, stay nimble, and adapt based on the new opportunities. Technologies will develop, new partnerships will form, and existing partnerships will find new paths forward. The CAP2.0 reflects the community’s willingness to invest in reaching the goals of its climate journey while acknowledging that it will require flexibility, innovation, and dedication to reach the destination.

  1. Internal City of Eugene Actions
  2. Eugene Climate Collaborative Actions
  3. State and Federal Action

The City of Eugene completed Internal Climate Action Plans for the two primary ghg sources: the building facilities the City owns and operates and the fleet of cars and trucks associated with City activities, with an emphasis on the Fire Department fleet. The internal plans included strategies such as improved weatherization and HVAC systems in facilities, use of hybrid or electric vehicles when possible, and renewable diesel for heavy machinery. While the City’s emissions account for less than 1% of overall emissions, the City is committed to doing its part to help the community reach its goals.

2030 Goal: 790,000 MTCO2e Reduction