Homeless Resource Center

What is the Resource Center?

  • A space for unhoused adults that will provide connections to services like housing assistance, work readiness, job development, mentoring, benefits assistance, and hygiene services.
  • A place where individuals seeking to change their situation can go during the day to access tools to help them stabilize and improve their lives. More than a place for people to simply be, the Resource Center will have knowledgeable service providers and peer mentors who will offer flexible and meaningful assistance to people as they work to overcome barriers to housing and stability.
  • A launching pad for area improvement and beautification projects that will support positive neighborhood and community outcomes.

Who’s involved?

  • The City is funding the pilot and will contract with a non-profit entity to operate the facility.
  • The people receiving services will be currently unhoused adults.
  • A steering committee will assist with the selection of the operator, development of project outcomes and metrics, and evaluation.

Where will it be?

  • The building is located at 450 W. 5th Ave. in Eugene.
  • This location gives support to a neighborhood that is currently experiencing impacts associated with homelessness. It is accessible for people it will serve, and it is near other key services.

When will it open?

Currently, the facility is being used on an interim basis by White Bird Clinic to provide primary care and integrated behavioral health care to unhoused and low-income individuals (appointment-only). Learn more about the City's partnership with White Bird for the Day Resource Center and Clinic. In addition, it continues to serve as the base of operations for the City’s outreach team. 

Why a Resource Center?

  • Homelessness significantly impacts individuals, neighborhoods, and our broader community. 
  • The City of Eugene’s Community Safety Initiative is applying new strategies to address two of its most important issues - homelessness and public safety. The City is also working with Lane County and other community partners on implementation of the Lane County homeless service system improvement plan.
  • This work includes multiple approaches to respond to community needs and elevate accountability. The pilot Resource Center supports these goals.

What’s Next?

The City has formed a steering committee of neighborhood residents, business owners, people with lived experience, and social service providers to:

  • Guide the development and operation of the facility, including the selection of an operator
  • Develop outcomes and metrics that will define success for the Resource Center and the surrounding neighborhood
  • Evaluate the pilot and make recommendations about its future

The City and the selected operator will work with neighborhood residents, property owners, and business owners to reduce impacts to the surrounding area. Activities may include increased police patrols, neighborhood clean-ups, cameras and lighting, beautification projects, and increased trash bins.

Have a question or want to provide input?

Send an email to homelessresourcecenter@eugene-or.gov.  

You may also call 541-682-8442 to speak with City staff.