Long-term Community Recovery

Family riding their bikes down Broadway in Downtown Eugene

What is Long-term Community Recovery?

When COVID-19 arrived in Oregon and Lane County, the City’s immediate response priorities were to help protect the health and safety of the community, support our public health partners and maintain essential services. 

As the pandemic evolved, the City directed resources to recovery measures, while also recognizing the need for a Long-term Community Recovery strategy to re-establish a healthy, functioning community that will sustain itself over time. The City of Eugene is taking a “whole community approach” to long-term recovery that includes the social, economic, and physical aspects of the city.

Three Priorities

The City of Eugene’s “whole community approach” includes the following priorities: 

  • Promote wellbeing of community members
  • Support economic recovery
  • Facilitate restoration of systems

To achieve Long Term Community Recovery, the City of Eugene will start with a plan. This plan will focus on the period 12-24-months in the future to repair the damage caused specifically by COVID-19.

Areas of Focus

Focus Area Graphic

Community-wide recovery will require the ability to return economic and business activities back to health and include the recovery of the other sectors of the community impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the ripple effects caused by the economic impacts. City staff are focusing on the following areas as they develop a plan for our long-term community recovery: 

Health and Social Services 

Healthcare and social services have a major impact on the ability of a community to recover from a pandemic such as COVID-19. Support of health and social services programs for at-risk and vulnerable children, individuals, and families affected can promote a more effective and rapid recovery.

Housing Recovery

Impacts from COVID-19 on housing are unfolding differently than in the case of a natural disaster where housing is physically damaged. Housing is an essential and complex component of recovery that will make a difference for the whole community’s ability to prosper. 

Natural and Cultural Resources

Natural and cultural resources include the City’s parks and trail systems; arts and culture; and physical spaces for community gathering, education, and exercise. Support for natural and cultural resources through appropriate response and recovery actions will preserve these community assets.

Economic Recovery

The economic impacts of COVID-19 are far reaching. Understanding how to return economic and business activities to a state of health is essential in developing new economic and employment opportunities to result in a sustainable and economically viable community.

Infrastructure Systems

While infrastructure was not physically damaged by COVID-19, it is important to ensure that our systems are resilient and will continue to support a sustainable community.

COVID-19 Conditional Timeline

The City’s response and long-term community recovery efforts will be dependent on the status of the virus. As Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, has said, "The virus makes the timeline."

Now: Initial Response

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The City continues to work in conjunction with our partners at Lane County and City of Springfield to maintain critical services, identify community needs and mobilize coordinated responses. Learn about City Services – What’s Open? and Community Resources that provide support now for health and wellbeing, food, businesses, employees, housing, the unhoused, schools and children, and utilities/internet.

Next: Phased Reopening and Demobilization

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As cases decline, the City will demobilize temporary operations created to meet initial needs.

Future: Long-term Community Recovery

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City staff are actively developing our Long-term Community Recovery Plan. Just as our ability to gradually move through the Governor’s phased reopening will be dictated by science and data, our stage in the recovery process will be dictated by the virus.