Tear Gas and Other Tools Used by Police

What less-lethal tools does EPD use?

  • Tear gas or CS gas (2-chlorobenzylidene malononitrile): The form of tear gas used by EPD.
  • Pepper balls: Pepper balls are similar to paintballs, filled PAVA or oleoresin capsicum (or OC) which is derived from peppers, similar to what is used in pepper spray.
  • Extended foam baton: Launches small projectiles made of foam or neoprene

Does EPD use rubber bullets and/or bean bag rounds?

EPD does not use rubber bullets or bean bag rounds.

Are there policies related to the use of these tools?

Yes. Most of these tools are regulated by EPD’s Use of Force policies:

Has every use of less-lethal use of force been appropriate?

The allegations of inappropriate use of force have been passed to the Eugene Police Auditor, which exists independently of EPD. Investigations conducted by the Police Auditor include a review of the entire context of the situation including video footage from bystanders and police body cams. Where the Auditor finds that policies were not followed, they recommend actions to hold officers to account.