Police Hiring

How does EPD select and hire its officers?

The Eugene Police department is dedicated to hiring the most professional and diverse applicants to reflect our community, including sworn officers, support staff, and especially leadership positions.  

Our hiring process begins with recruitment and outreach throughout the community. This includes posters, ads, radio announcements, community outreach, community functions, meeting with special interest groups, and more. In combination with that, we recruit heavily in the state, region and nationally to bring more diversity to the department and City of Eugene. 

Applicants must pass an intensive and stringent process to become part of the Eugene Police Department. A computer-based exam with a minimum passing score is administered along with a Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST) standardized physical fitness test. All passing applicants return for an interview focused on character-based questions and decision making.

In addition to the character-based hiring strategy, EPD has a strong commitment to conducting a robust background investigation that takes several weeks. Our background investigators meet in-person with as many references as possible, including neighbors, previous roommates, co-workers, and other known contacts. When the background check is complete, it is reviewed by multiple administrators for complete and accurate information. The report and information are reviewed by the Police Chief, who meets for a one-on-one interview with the candidate. 

Part of the hiring is a thorough psychological screening for each applicant, including an assessment of their stability and suitability for work as an officer. EPD utilizes a psychologist, board certified in police and public psychology, who uses evidence-based practices which includes a discussion of cultural competency. If the applicant moves forward in the process, they will have a medical examination to determine if they can perform the duties required of a police officer. When an applicant passes all of these stages, they will be offered a position with the Eugene Police Department contingent on open positions available.

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