Planting Strip Designated Agent Process

Planting Strip Definition

The planting strip is generally referred to as the space between the curb and sidewalk. Property owners are responsible for maintaining this area, often spending time and money for plants and landscaping. Planting strips are intended to provide a separation from vehicle traffic and provide a safe and comfortable environment for people walking. They are not intended to serve as places for people to gather or for items, such as garbage or debris, to accumulate. There are specific requirements in the ordinance that must be met for “trespassing” to be enforceable in the planting strip. For more details see Planting Strip Ordinance Additional Background Information.

What Property Owners Can Do

The ordinance specifically allows property owners to file a complaint for people trespassing in the adjacent planting strip by calling the Eugene Police Department non-emergency line at 541-682-5111.

Planting Strip Designated Agent

The City of Eugene also gives property owners the ability to designate an agent that can report trespassing for them. 

How to Designate an Agent

  1. Print the Planting Strip Designated Agent Form
  2. Make sure the form is signed by both the property owner and the designated agent 
  3. The form can be mailed to the Eugene Police Department Downtown Substation at 960 Olive St., Eugene, OR 97401 (Attn: Planting Strip Designated Agent Program), or an electronic copy of the completed form can be emailed to Station Manager Paul Bishop at