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Link to a search page to find and view sewer connection information: Sewer Connection Records

Connection records may be searched by street address through an address number, a street name, or both via the link above. Partial entry and wildcard searches are allowed.

Note: We recently published a draft version of a new app that will enable both text-based and map-based selection of the sewer connection records. Eventually this app will replace the current search tool, so please view our tutorial video for a brief overview and then provide any feedback on your experience using this new app.

These records show the location of building sewers on many properties throughout the city that are connected to the public wastewater system. This information is contained on location forms and sketches which provide a schematic view and dimensions indicating the location of underground sewer pipes, along with information such as installation date and pipe type.

The records are provided as a general reference and reflect point-in-time information that may be outdated or contain errors. Assistance in interpreting these records is available from Public Works Engineering staff at the City’s Permit & Information Center (PIC). The PIC is located at 99 West 10th Avenue. Staff are available Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. If you have questions or need assistance with sewer connection records, please contact Public Works Engineering staff at the PIC public information counter, via email or by phone at 541-682-8400.