Emergency Shelter Super Siting Application

To submit an Emergency Shelter Super Siting application, an applicant must provide the City with a letter/narrative and supporting evidence demonstrating how the proposed Emergency Shelter meets the criteria listed in HB 3395 (see below for a summary of requirements from HB 3395).

Applicants are strongly encouraged to contact Planning staff prior to submitting an application. 

For questions or to schedule a pre-application consultation please email sheltersupersiting@eugene-or.gov or call 541-682-5377 and leave a voice mail.

Application Requirements

The Emergency Shelter Super Siting application submitted to the City of Eugene must show the following:

  • The Emergency Shelter:
    • Includes sleeping and restroom facilities
    • Will comply with applicable building codes
    • Is located within the City’s urban growth boundary
    • Will not result in a new building that is sited within an area designated under a statewide land use planning goal relating to natural disasters and hazards (e.g. flood plains or mapped environmental health hazards) unless the development complies with regulations directly related to the hazard
    • Has adequate transportation access to medical and commercial services
    • Will not pose any unreasonable risk to public health or safety
  • The Emergency Shelter must be operated by:
    • A local government, or
    • A religious corporation,
    • A public benefit corporation whose charitable purpose includes the support of homeless individuals and that has been recognized as exempt from income tax under section 501(a) of the Internal Revenue Code on or before January 1, 2017, or
    • A nonprofit corporation partnering with any of those entities.
  • Additionally, an Emergency Shelter may provide on-site and at no cost:
    • Showering and bathing facilities
    • Personal property storage
    • Laundry
    • Food service
    • Recreation areas for children and pets
    • Case management services, or
    • Any other services incidental to the shelter
  • An Emergency Shelter may include youth shelters, veterans' shelters, winter or warming shelters, day shelters and family violence shelter homes.
  • An Emergency Shelter may provide additional transitional housing services at a fee of not more than $300/month.

Under previous iterations of these laws, there was a deadline to submit a Emergency Shelter Super Siting application. However, under HB 3395, there is no longer a deadline, and applications will be received and reviewed on a continuing basis.

State law does not set a deadline for the City to make a decision on an Emergency Shelter Super Siting application.

What is the public engagement process for super siting applications?

This is a special application process mandated by state law (HB 3395). A decision on an Emergency Shelter Super Siting application is not a land use decision, so the Emergency Shelter Super Siting process does not follow the typical land use process. State law does not require mailed notice of an Emergency Shelter Super Siting application to adjacent or nearby property owners and residents nor does it require a public hearing or other solicitation of public comment. 

See Emergency Shelter Siting Approval Process for a list of current applications and decisions.

Who is the decision maker for the City of Eugene’s Emergency Shelter Super Siting Applications?

The Planning and Development Executive Director will make the decision on an Emergency Shelter Super Siting application based on the requirements in HB 3395.

Can an Emergency Shelter Super Siting decision be appealed?

Yes, an Emergency Shelter Super Siting decision may be appealed to the Lane County Circuit Court within 60 days of the date of the decision utilizing the writ of review process in Chapter 34 of the Oregon Revised Statutes.