Neighborhood Associations

Eugene has twenty-three (23) formally recognized neighborhood associations. Active neighborhood associations provide everyone an opportunity to have a voice in decisions that affect the livability of their neighborhood and community. Neighborhood associations are a great way to meet neighbors and work together with other organizations and the City to address shared challenges. Being involved in their neighborhood association connects people who share a vision of a safe, healthy, and welcoming community. Neighborhood associations engage in a wide variety of activities from addressing issues such as community safety, neighborhood planning, transportation, parks, homelessness, food security, and disaster preparedness to organizing volunteer projects and social events in their neighborhoods. 

Neighborhood associations submit annual reports on their activities. A compilation of all neighborhood reports may be accessed online.

A list of the current neighborhood association leaders can be downloaded from this link.

HRNI staff support the work of neighborhood associations by:

  • Assisting neighborhood association leaders in developing effective organizational, governance and engagement practices 
  • Assisting neighborhood associations in effective communication and engagement  with City of Eugene departments
  • Providing  a variety of trainings and workshops to neighborhood association board members and residents
  • Coordinating the Neighborhood Matching Grants process (available to neighborhood associations and other groups)
  • Supporting neighborhood association events (park and facility reservations, funding, equipment loan, etc.)

Resources for neighborhood association boards

Resources for neighborhood events

Trainings for neighborhood association members

The Office of Human Rights & Neighborhood Involvement (HRNI) provides annual trainings and workshop opportunities for neighborhood association board members and community members. Ongoing trainings are listed below. HRNI staff occasionally offer additional trainings to neighborhood association members as timing and capacity allow. Contact HRNI to discuss your needs for specific trainings.

Neighborhood’s 101 

This training is an opportunity to meet other neighborhood leaders, get to know HRNI program staff and learn about the policies and guidelines that govern Eugene’s formally recognized neighborhood associations. Participants will learn about  the tools and services provided by HRNI  and will receive resources to assist them in leading and sustaining effective and engaged neighborhood associations.  

Hate & Bias Prevention and Response

This training helps residents identify, respond to, and prevent the incidence of hate and bias activity in Eugene. Neighborhood associations may request all or each of the five modules include in this training program.

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