Plant Operations Overview

Aerial view of Wastewater Pollution Control Facility

Water Pollution Control Facility

The Water Pollution Control Facility is located at 410 River Avenue in the City of Eugene. The facility services the cities of Eugene and Springfield and the surrounding areas. 

Plant Design Criteria

  • Average dry weather flow- 34 million gallons per day
  • Peak wet weather flow- 277 million gallons per day

Wastewater Treatment Processes

Wastewater is treated in four separate processes before being discharged into the Willamette River. The solids that are removed undergo further treatment for their conversion to biosolids.

Wastewater is treated in 4 separate processes before being discharged into the Willamette River

  1. Pretreatment
  2. Primary Treatment
  3. Secondary Treatment
  4. Final Treatment
  5. Sludge Conditioning

Pretreatment consists of receiving wastewater from the regional collection system and removing sand and debris, reducing the size of solids and injecting air (aeration) to remove odorous gases.

Pretreatment facts and figures

  • 3 bio-filters scrub odorous air
  • 4 preaeration chambers, each with a volume of 152,000 gallons
  • 6 grit removal units
  • 48 pump stations
  • 850 miles of regional sewer line