Industrial Source Control Program

Industrial & Commercial Stormwater Program

The purpose of City’s Industrial and Commercial Stormwater program is to help businesses reduce their potential to allow pollutants to discharge to surface waters.  This is accomplished by providing technical assistance necessary to solicit voluntary compliance with local, State, and Federal codes, orders, and other requirements.  Additionally, the City of Eugene administers the 1200-Z NPDES Industrial Stormwater Discharge Permits on behalf of the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality as a delegated Agent.

Industrial Wastewater Pretreatment Program

The regional industrial wastewater pretreatment programs protect the environment and the area’s wastewater collection and treatment facility by regulating wastewater discharges from commercial and industrial activities.

Regulatory activities include developing pollutant limits for industrial discharges, monitoring industrial discharges, responding to permit violations, and conducting industrial site inspections.

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