Privately Engineered Public Improvements "PEPI"

The City permits public improvements to be privately-engineered and constructed via the "Privately Engineered Public Improvement (PEPI)" permit process. Such improvements are typically development-driven, whereas public improvements designed by the City are usually community-driven. 

A public improvement covered under this type of permit can include any of the following: Wastewater infrastructure, stormwater facilities, public streets with curb and gutter, and street lights.  Often, these improvements are a condition of another Land Use application such as a Subdivision, Site Review or Planned Unit Development.

Design standards for public improvements are to be implemented consistently between the private and public sector; however, there are certain procedures specific to the private process.  These can be found in the 2016 Public Improvement Design Standards Manual (PIDSM).

A PEPI Permit is required to be submitted as well as an Engineering and Construction Agreement

Financial Surety is also required before construction begins and Erosion Prevention is likely to be a part of the PEPI process.  Links to these documents and many more are listed below.

For questions about getting started on a PEPI project, please contact Joshua Pinkham at or 

Check out the online version of the Eugene City Code EC HERE:

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