Temporary Exhibitions

Temporary art exhibitions are an entry point for artists to create work in the public realm. Artists are given opportunities to engage the City as a studio and a playground, providing unexpected creative experiences. Check out what’s happening today!


  1. Culture Raising fence

    Culture Raising

    Culture Raising is a temporary public art project along a 100-foot fenceline in the new Riverfront Park.

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  1. Kum Ja Lee installation

    Windowfront Exhibitions

    Downtown Eugene’s empty storefronts become interactive artworks and galleries with new and evolving windowfront paintings and art installations.
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Temporary Art Installations

  1. A Call For Our Future
  2. Shine On

Red Telephone BoxReflections Space: A Call for Our Future

Mid August-December 2020, Installation 2022

Found in the Whiteaker Neighborhood. More details to come.

Brought to you by Whitaker Community Art Team  

The murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer has sparked global social movements calling for change in the institutions that perpetuate systemic racism destroying black communities and ending black lives. Simultaneously, COVID-19 has fundamentally altered the way in which we interact with each other and express ourselves, both privately and publicly, causing, for some, a profound and sustained sense of isolation. 

In “A Call for Our Future” the Whiteaker Community Art Team (WCAT) is using a mobile visual art installation that resembles a British Red Telephone Box, creating an invitation for participants to call their future selves. Inside the installation, the WCAT will have instructions for participants to call a phone number and provide a message to their future selves, two years from now, reflecting on what future they want, and commit to building. These expressions will then be recorded and transcribed. After being recorded and transcribed, these messages will then be shared with the community in two years, through audio and visual installations. Participants will then be able to reflect on what they were experiencing during a time when it took a global pandemic to provide people the space and free time to join an international human rights movement against black violence, racism and systemic oppression.

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