Windowfront Exhibitions

Windowfront Exhibitions word mark in spring magenta color

Windowfront Exhibitions - Viva La Spring!

New installations coming April 7

Installations below will continue through the spring

Downtown Eugene

Downtown Eugene’s empty storefronts become interactive artworks and galleries with new and evolving windowfront paintings and art installations. Come downtown by foot, car or bike to enjoy windowfronts transformed by local artists, artisans and creatives. Windowfront Exhibitions believes all empty spaces have great potential to be transformed by artists and innovation.

Current Installations:

  • Art Installations from local artists seeking to uplift and enliven Downtown Eugene through art installations in storefront windows.
  • Urban Canvas Windowfront paintings by Urban Canvas artists.
  1. Art Installations
  2. Urban Canvas Windows

Zoe Gamell Brown with her art

Zoë Gamell Brown

Vexing me!

Dates displayed: December 2, 2022-July 19, 2023

Location: 824 Charnelton Street

About the art: Plenty howdy, welcome to my Guyanese American meal. In our time together, I invite you to immerse in the Caribbean currents carrying this exchange forward.

My creative practice speaks to multiplicity within Guyanese identity and extensions of the Caribbean to the Gulf Coast. Themes in my work revolve around culinary catharsis, collective and self-care. My creative work aims to move beyond monolithic definitions of artistic expression and ecological knowledge. For sales inquiries, email Zoë.

About the artist: Zoë Gamell Brown (she/they) is a Guyanese American integrative artist, educator and storyteller whose work spans ceramic sculptures, creative nonfiction, experimental video, landscape photography, photopoetry, restorative cartography and sonic arts.

Brown is a doctoral student in the University of Oregon's Indigenous, Race and Ethnic Studies department, where she centers Caribbean constellations of care through creative and spiritual practices. She is a Digital Evolution/Artist Retention (DEAR) Fellow Cohort IV through the Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute and a Louise Westling Distinguished Environmental Justice Fellow through the UO's Holden Center for Leadership and the Pacific Northwest Racial and Climate Justice Futures Institute, 2022.

In 2020, Brown founded Fernland Studios, a nonprofit organization reimagining environmentalism through art and education. Their mission is to provide black, indigenous and people of color opportunities to explore environmentalism through artist residencies, educational retreats and writing workshops. When she is not writing or reading, you can find her hiking around the Pacific Northwest and taking pictures of trees and sea anemones.

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