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July 1 - August 21, 2022

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Downtown Eugene’s empty storefronts become interactive artworks and galleries with new and evolving windowfront paintings and art installations. Come downtown by foot, car or bike to enjoy windowfronts transformed by local artists, artisans and creatives. Windowfront Exhibitions believes all empty spaces have great potential to be transformed by artists and innovation.

Current Installations:

  • Art Installations from local artists seeking to uplift and enliven Downtown Eugene through art installations in storefront windows.
  • Asian/American Contemporary Women featuring Mei-Ling Lee, Sandy Honda, Mika Aono, Helen Liu and Kum Ja Lee.
  • Lane Arts Council 2021 Individual Visual Artist Grant Recipients: Highlighting our local visual artists recipients of the first Lane Arts Council individual artist grants and the inspiring projects they took on during 2021.
  • Urban Canvas Windowfront paintings by Urban Canvas artists.
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Art Installations from local artists seeking to uplift and enliven Downtown Eugene through art installations in storefront windows.

StoryHelix installation at Eugene Public LibraryStoryHelix

Dates displayed: July 15–September 30, 2022

Eugene Public Library, Exterior, 100 W. 10th Ave.

Presented by StoryHelix, Lane Arts Council, Wordcrafters, Oregon Cultural Trust

Artists: Nate Brown, Chelsea Lovejoy, Christina Schueler, Brandon Waite, Erick Wonderly Varela

Storytellers: Ayisha Elliott, Liandy Mary Jimenez Otero, Eric Richardson, Doriandra Smith, Margaret Steinbrunn, Jeff Velez

Lane Arts Council and Wordcrafters in Eugene collaborated to bring community storytellers and professional artists together in creating this unique installation. Each panel, created by a different visual artist, is directly inspired by and made in collaboration with community storytellers who participated in StoryHelix. Wordcrafters in Eugene’s StoryHelix project invites community members to share their stories about the theme “belonging” and their experiences living in Eugene, Lane County and Oregon. Contributed stories become a part of a collective archive of voices from across our community. The stories selected for this art installation represent a wide range of lived experiences. Enjoy these stories visually and use the QR code under each poster to listen to the storyteller recording. More Information

Kum Ja Lee

Kum Ja Lee Meditative Layers

Meditative Layers | Fiber, basketry, paper craft, thread, wood, nail, hook, concrete stone, reed, straw, tissue paper, LED puck light, projection lights 

Dates displayed: July 1-August 21, 2022

Location: 856 Willamette Street 

About the art: This work is a self-reflection about how we can construct our internal world by contemplating time. My work explores visibility and invisibility with the concept of time and spontaneity and physicality in the process of installation. It examines worldviews of time and space through Eastern and Western perspectives and reflects the meditative experience of emptiness as dynamic space.

A lotus flower can symbolize a person overcoming the suffering prevalent in the material world and attaining enlightenment, just like the lotus that grows in dirty and turbid water but leaps over such water and blooms magnificently. The lotus flower for my piece, situated in the midst of countless threads, signifies purity, enlightenment and self-regeneration as a symbolic meaning regarded in eastern Asian cultures.

“Meditative Layers” explores visibility and invisibility with the concept of time, spontaneity and physicality in the installation process. It examines worldviews of time and space through Eastern and Western perspectives and reflects the meditative experience of emptiness as dynamic space. 

About the artist: Combining Western and Eastern concepts, my art investigates the different relationships that exist between contemporary practices and conventional approaches in visual arts.   

My work is rooted in the Asian beliefs that life is a cycle while also reflecting the principle of Yin and Yang. I use these concepts and theories in order to express my response to the natural flow of life and the duality of ideas between the East and West. It incorporates both concepts of time — one from the West where time is understood as linear and one from the East where time is regarded as circular. This installation is a self-reflection on how we can construct our internal world by contemplating time and represents the progression of time that embraces and filters all human emotions in its immeasurable vastness. Email Lee

Eric Braman, Alex Ever and Melissa Rose

Queer Ancestries, Self-Prophesies, and Horse Girl Fantasies | Paper, foam board, wire, tape, paint, found object 

Dates displayed: July 1-August 21, 2022

Location: 833 Willamette Street

About the art: This collective of visual and written word artists explore magical realism through mixtures of creative disciplines that examine the unseen moments of new growth. The installation explores the realm of the “unseen,” exposing the world that lives just beneath the surface. How does the little sprout appear each spring and summer? How do we persist through even the most difficult moments? What keeps us going?

Through visual representation and poetic offerings, we present a world in which the glimmers of hope are revealed to live just beneath the surface. New sprouts will burst forth from this underground network representing the courageous first return to the world unknown. We are, all of us, reemerging in little and big ways. This art honors how much it takes to breach the surface and continue to grow. More importantly, it is a reminder of how much goes unseen in our journey toward courageous action. It reveals the parts of us that are made of wonder and mysticism.,,

Andre Royal  

LIttLE BIG Bear | Pop-up book

Dates displayed: July 1 – August 21, 2022

Location: 225 W. Broadway

About the art: Pop-up or tunnel style book of LIttLE BIG Bear illustrated by Andre Royal Jr and written by Andre Royal Sr. The books are hand drawn using multimedia materials including Copic style markers, watercolor and traditional ink. A layering technique conveys an immersive experience for the viewers. 

Andre Royal Sr. headshotAbout the artist: Author, Andre Royal Sr., also known as “Chef Andre,” is an influencer and award-winning children’s book author of “The Hippo-Critic.” His most recent venture is a series of color along story books. His official writing career began as a freelance journalist for The Register-Guard in the CAFE 541 (Culture, Arts, Food and Entertainment) section and he is now making an impact in the literary community, hospitality industry and gig economy. He has carved a niche for himself as an entrepreneur, public speaker and consultant using his creative talents outside the kitchen to further his social media presence, professional network and established partnerships. A health, wellness and literacy advocate, Chef Andre founded Suddenly Sleepy 501c3 after successfully writing several proclamations and highlighting the importance of quality sleep. He established Suddenly Sleepy Saturday in Oregon and the Suddenly Sleepy Sleepwalk 5K, a historic 5k race held in Tracktown, USA. Originally from California and now living in the Pacific Northwest, Chef Andre is full of fresh new ideas and always has something simmering on the back burner. Follow his culinary and literary adventures on Instagram and support his writing on his official website 

Andre Royal Jr. 400x300Illustrator, Andre Royal Jr., is a Sacramento native artist with a history of award-winning and competitive arts involvement leading to various media mentions, art-focused leadership roles and appearances in numerous museums, including the renowned Crocker Art Museum. 

This trajectory has led him to integrating art in various private and public commissioned work, including the City of Eugene, as well as hosting solo art exhibitions in the Portland Metropolitan area. Additionally, Andre Royal Jr. co-founded Suddenly Sleepy 501c3, which incorporates art therapy and community engagement activities. He is also an established illustrator for a platinum award-winning children's book series and a freelance artist for commercial design. 

Andre Royal Jr. is well versed in (and enjoys) multiple mediums, especially conceptual and classical drawing, painting, 3-dimensional art, wood carving/ burning and various mixed media approaches for commercial and traditional uses, including animation. His love for art is part of a rich tradition of familial creativity that spans generations.

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