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SPLASH classroom materials


Teaching children about their role in our environment fosters positive habits and attitudes that can last a lifetime. 

The City of Eugene has prepared two distinct stormwater curricula tied to state benchmarks with emphasis on Willamette Valley waterways. Handouts, activities and posters enrich learning both in and out of the classroom. Most materials are available to download from the links below.
Eugene teachers should contact us for items such as activity supplies, booklets and posters that are not found here; some are unusual sizes or are not available in digital formats. As we are funded by local stormwater fees, we cannot provide these supplemental materials for those outside of Eugene. 

Delta Ponds Video and Classroom Activities

Centrally located in Eugene, this restored natural park is a great place for students to learn about clean water, ecosystems and wildlife. Encourage exploration and learning by introducing Delta Ponds through videos, discussions and activities written to support Oregon Standards by Design. 
Grades 1 and 2: Video and activity sheet
Grade 5: Video and activity sheet


SPLASH! (Stormwater Pollution Learn and Share!) is a curriculum kit developed with local teachers for grade levels K-8. Units explore water and the effects of pollution in water systems, the water cycle, and local ecosystems. Each unit below includes the lesson plans and handouts in a pdf.
      Kindergarten    First Grade    Second Grade   Third Grade
      Fourth Grade   Fifth Grade    Sixth Grade    Seventh Grade    Eighth Grade
  • Additional resources Water and wildlife educational links, many with specific tools for teachers at various grade levels

Salmon and the Ecosystem

Salmon and the Ecosystem, available for grades 5-12, approaches water quality issues with emphasis on salmon and its critical role in our region’s ecosystem, economy and culture. 

Lily's Pages

Lily’s Pages are single-page reading and activity sheets for various grade levels. These are brief, illustrated introductions to pollution and stormwater topics for learners of many age groups. 


View our 12” x 37” colorful, educational posters for the classroom:
Please contact our office if you would like copies of these posters for your school.


Please contact the Stormwater Education Office at 541-682-8482 with additional questions. Eugene teachers may request printed copies of these materials, SPLASH! activity supplies, the SPLASH! Songs CD, and visits with Lily for your classrooms.