Safe Sleep Sites

An aerial view of the Safe Sleep site at 310 Garfield St. in Eugene.

On April 28, 2021, the Eugene City Council approved an ordinance to create more safe and lawful places for people to sleep. The ordinance allows for the temporary establishment of “safe parking” and “safe tent” sites that could provide options for individuals to legally park their vehicles or sleep in tents. These sites may accommodate a larger number of vehicles or tents than previously allowed by code, up to 60 vehicles or up to 40 tents. The sites are managed by social service providers who are responsible for compliance with rules and community agreements, monitoring who is allowed to be on-site, coordinating ongoing site infrastructure needs, being accessible and responsive to neighbor concerns, and coordinating with the City and other partners. The ordinance is in effect until May 1, 2023, unless extended.

Safe Sleep (Parking) Site Sign Up

To sign up for a parking spot at the at 310 Garfield Safe Sleep site, complete the Safe Sleep Waiting List form.

Safe Sleep Site Locations

Updated 6/14/2022

310 Garfield St. 

The City of Eugene opened its first Safe Sleep site at 310 Garfield St. on October 4, 2021. The site reached capacity October 14 and accommodates up to 55 vehicles used for shelter, along with additional vehicles used by those residents for transportation. St. Vincent de Paul Society of Lane County operates the site, which has a waiting list of more than 380 names and remains full. The site has served more than 140 people to date, most from west Eugene.

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410 Garfield St. 

Indoor site for 84 tents; opened February 22, 2022. Operated by St. Vincent de Paul Society of Lane County, including a daily meal, on-site showers, laundry vouchers, common area, case management, regular service provider visits. The site remains full, serving about 90 people at the facility at any time, with a waitlist of 275. Occupant turnover averages about five per week and the site has served 160 people since opening. 

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Everyone Village 

Opened December 2021; operated by Everyone Village (Everyone Church). Occupancy is more than 40, in a mix of vehicles and small shelters. About half of occupants are from west Eugene and half from the former temporary camp at Washington Jefferson Park. Everyone Village organizers have worked with City staff on a plan to gradually increase occupancy at the site in future months. Some 55 different individuals have been served since opening, turnover has averaged fewer than three per month, and 250 people are on the waiting list. Site operators are prepared to expand services and accommodate more unsheltered people, if they are able to secure an expansion of their Safe Parking and Safe Tent site space limit.  

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Rosa Safe Sleep Site

Local service provider Carry It Forward has been identified as the operator for the Rosa Safe Sleep site at 2243 Roosevelt Blvd, which was approved by the City Council September 29, 2021. Neighborhood engagement about the pending opening of the site has been completed. A mailing with information about the site, and feedback opportunities went to nearby residents April 26.  An online survey was open April 25-May 20. Public information meetings were held May 7 and 10 and had no attendees from the public. Finalization of a contract with Carry It Forward is still pending. The property has been operated by SquareOne Villages as a microsite for the last 14 months, providing six units of non-congregate shelter to people experiencing homelessness in the community. Rosa Safe Sleep site will host up to 40 sleeping structures—a mix of Pallet Shelters, Conestoga huts, and other micro-shelters. Physical site preparation continues, with most infrastructure including water, power and graded pads already installed. An opening date is not yet specified but will be as soon as practicable.  

This site is not yet accepting applications. 


Chase Commons Park   

Local service provider Carry It Forward has been identified as the proposed site operator; contract finalization is pending. The site model is to shelter 18-20 adults in identical, 64-square foot Pallet Shelters in a half-acre fenced area in the northeast corner of the four-acre park. To help support an unmet need in the community, the Chase Commons site will prioritize unsheltered people 18 or older who are medically fragile and therefore experience increased vulnerability to living unsheltered. Services will be available to residents to support their healthcare needs and to assist them in improving their overall stability and moving toward permanent housing. A community engagement plan to inform nearby neighbors is underway: staff have met with key interested parties and Eugene Chamber of Commerce representatives, conducted door-to-door outreach the week of May 23. Informational fliers went to nearby residents the week of May 30, an online survey is open May 27-June 24, and an on-site neighborhood information meeting (noted in the mailer) was held June 14.  

This site is not yet accepting applications.