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Goals for ADU Pre-Approved Plans Library:

We recognize that each site and property owner's needs present opportunities and constraints for the architect or designer. By setting community goals for the pre-approved plans library the aim is to make available a wide variety of plan types and styles that will allow for more property owner's in Eugene to construct ADUs in a streamlined, cost-saving process.

In the program submittal please explain how your design is addressing the goals. Not all goals need to be met, for example a design might choose to focus on one or two goals.

  • Low Cost -  Cost-saving measures are considered that lower built price-point to make ADUs more affordable to more Eugene residents. This could be achieved through innovative construction methods, cost-effective design choices, materials selection, etc.
  • Energy Efficient - Submission meets a recognized green building rating system and/or incorporates green building and design features such as passive heating and cooling, sustainable materials, etc.
  • Site Adaptable or Broad Applicability on Sites in Eugene - The size and configuration are broadly feasible and can fit on multiple sites in Eugene for example narrow infill lots or sloped sites. 
  • Constructability - Design can be constructed quickly and simply and at a generally predictable cost.
  • Accessible - Design meets accessible design requirements such as single story, universal design features, and ADA accessible.

What is the Design Inspiration category

It's simple. The Design Inspiration category gives everyone more design options to choose from when deciding what type of ADU to build. This category of designs have not been reviewed or approved as a pre-approved design. The category will consist of completed submittals, a key image of the design, and a link to the designer. For more information on the design, contact the designer.

Program Submittal:

  • Project Description (150 words max.) - Describe design highlights. This text will be used on the website.
  • Narrative of Goals (300 words max.) - Describe how your design addresses the goals listed above. This will be used by staff to choose designs for the library of plans.
  • Plans, sections, elevations, 1/4” scale 
  • 3-D views or photographs - Built projects can use photos. These images will be used on the website
  • Primary materials list
  • List of mechanical systems

Program Application Evaluation:

City of Eugene staff will evaluate applications with consideration for how well the proposal meets the program goals. Secondarily, staff will consider design and variety within the library in order to offer a broad range of options. Twelve plans will be selected during this initial phase. Once those plans have been approved and made available in the plans library the program will be evaluated and potentially extended.


Plans will be a set cost. Homeowners will pay for use of a plan with each plan costing  $500 + optional hourly rate for design customization and site plan (designer retains copyright; liability release for plans used by homeowner if using other professionals)

Final Plans Submittal

After approval to the program, plans will be submitted through eBuild and follow the instructions there. When submitting a pre-approved plan for permit, please identify the plan as part of the pre-approved ADU program in the project description on the application.

Thank you!

The City of Eugene Staff would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the architects and design professionals that volunteered their time to help create this program. By offering ADU plans at significantly reduced rates more community members will have an opportunity to impact the housing shortage.

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