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Downtown Eugene is the social, economic and cultural heart of our community, and the source of some of our most vexing community challenges. Since the Downtown Plan was adopted in 2004, we have made significant improvements to our downtown. We have invested in transportation options, redeveloped old buildings, and filled vacant and underutilized lots with purposeful buildings and significant community destinations. Downtown Eugene has world-class amenities and it is a hub of creativity and entrepreneurship. However, ongoing and emerging challenges continue to hold us back and impact the quality of life of people living, working, and visiting downtown. It is time to develop an updated list of priorities and projects that will guide the next phase of downtown investments.

Through conversations with residents, businesses, and organizations, the City is developing a list of Downtown Priorities and Projects to guide future improvements to the area. Eugene City Council will consider this list in early 2023 and begin strategizing on how to implement the priorities that come out of this process. 

To develop the list of Priorities and Projects, the City conducted broad outreach to a variety of stakeholders through interviews and focus groups. The City engaged with stakeholders who have been involved in past planning efforts and  conducted pro-active outreach to people who historically have had marginal input with decision-makers, such as youth, people of color, low-income residents, and people with disabilities. In addition, the City launched an online survey and hosted an open house to clarify challenges and opportunities. 

Current Status

After four months of active outreach, city staff have compiled a draft list of priorities and projects organized into six categories: Housing, Public Safety, Social Services, Commercial Activity & Development, Public Spaces & Mobility, and Events & Culture. The possible projects were pulled from ideas from the community, staff, and existing City policies and plans. The actions identified to address the six categories are a broad mix of operational activities and physical improvements. 

January 2023 City Council Work Session

City Council discussed the list of Downtown Priorities and Projects at the January 25, 2023 work session. Click here to view the Council materials or watch the webcast.

At this work session, staff provided an overview of the draft list of Downtown Priorities and Projects and the public engagement process. Council directed staff to bring back a proposal to amend the Downtown Urban Renewal District to implement eligible projects. 

Links to all the materials can be found here: Council Packet

Links to some of the key documents in the packet: 

Downtown Urban Renewal 

On June 12, 2023, City Council voted to amend the Downtown Urban Renewal Plan, making $50 million available for projects to address downtown community priorities. The amendment identifies three focus areas of possible projects: 

  • Housing (including property acquisition for the development of housing and financial assistance to cover the cost of permits and fees for development of new housing in the downtown);
  • Physical Improvements to Address Safety and Comfort (including street, curb, alley, and sidewalk improvements, streetscape projects, and pedestrian, bike, and multi-modal transportation improvements); and
  • Emerging Projects Directed or Initiated by the Agency Board (could include open space, community facilities, and investments targeted at filling vacant and underused spaces). 

Council, acting as the Urban Renewal Agency Board, discussed the amendment to the Downtown Urban Renewal Plan on April 10 and April 12, and held a public hearing on May 15.  Council/Agency Board has indicated they expect to direct a majority of the funds included in the proposed new spending limit to support the creation of new housing in the downtown core. The actual project funding allocations will depend on future Agency Board budgetary action and project implementation.

Click here to view a summary of the amendment. (Updated June 13, 2023) 

Click here to view the full ordinance for the amendment.

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions about urban renewal and the amendment.

We still want to hear from you!

Thanks to everyone who was able to participate in the process of identifying downtown priorities. If you still have ideas you would like to contribute, we want to hear from you! Public comments can be submitted through our online form

Want to stay connected with the implementation process? Click here to join the Downtown Priorities and Projects Email List

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Related Plans and Policies

The list of Downtown Priorities and Projects will build upon the City's existing goals and plans, outlined in documents such as: 

Downtown Map

The map below shows the Downtown area being considered for this process. DowntownMap

Downtown Eugene Priorities and Projects Interest List

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