Welcome Way Traffic Calming Project

This image shows a 20 mile per hour speed limit sign on Welcome Way.

Project Background

In response to neighborhood concerns about speeding traffic, the City of Eugene will construct traffic calming on Welcome Way in mid to late 2022. 

  • The project will focus on Welcome Way from Royal Avenue to Candlelight Drive, but may be extended to cover a portion of Candlelight Drive by Danebo Elementary School. 
  • Improvements made to the area could include speed humps or speed cushions to slow fast moving traffic.

Reducing vehicle speeds will improve the comfort and safety of people walking, biking, and driving on Welcome Way. This is particularly important given the area's close proximity to Danebo Elementary School and Candlelight City Park.

Welcome Way traffic calming will extend from Royal Avenue to Candlelight Drive

Community Engagement

There will be several opportunities to engage with City staff about the project and share your concerns. So far we have scheduled the following dates:

  • October 20, 2021: Active Bethel Citizen's General Meeting/Election

What is Traffic Calming?

Traffic calming projects use a variety of engineering techniques to reduce speeding. Traffic calming projects can include several different types of devices. Two of the most common traffic calming devices in Eugene include:

  • Speed Humps have been installed on several local streets with documented speeding issues. These devices slow all forms of vehicle traffic, and are typically placed in sequence 260 to 500 feet apart to achieve speed reduction. 
  • Speed Cushions are similar to speed humps, but include tire slots so large emergency response vehicles and buses don't need to slow down. Speed cushions are also placed in sequence 260 to 500 feet apart.
Traffic Calming Graphic shows an example of a speed hump and speed cushion
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    Transportation Planner