Terry Hedin

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Mayor's Choice - 3D

Terry Hedin

Survivor, 2022

Wood, 15.5 x 7 x 5 in


On display at the Downtown Eugene Public Library

Artist Bio

I began my woodworking as a toddler. I had a dull pen knife, which I used to remove bark from sticks I found. I began carving wood during my 38 years of incarceration. In a penitentiary, I carved wood in the prison hobby shop and sent most items home to my wife and child. Occasionally my work was exhibited in public shows. I also worked in a program at Sheridan Federal Correctional Institution making wooden toys for children, pediatricians' offices, furniture for nursing mothers and specialty items for correctional officers. Now that I am in the community, I engage in woodworking daily. I am glad to have access to all kinds of tools and all types of wood.

Artist Statement

Hand carved sculpture titled “Survivor.” The body is carved from rhododendron, gifted to me by a neighbor. The base is mahogany. It is finished with Danish oil and paste wax. As I carve, the idea of what the sculpture will be changes until it is finished. This piece is titled "Survivor," which can mean survivor of cancer, war, accident or life. Even with missing parts, it is still standing.

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Mayor's Choice Statement

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