Erosion Prevention

Erosion Prevention and Construction Site Management Program

On Oct. 16th, 1996, the city adopted the Erosion Prevention Ordinance (20067). The ordinance was designed to restrict the discharge of sediments or other construction related materials, including hazardous substances into the city's stormwater system (Eugene Code 6.625). In Dec. of 1996 the City Manager adopted Administrative Rules (R-6.645) to implement the ordinance.

As of February 1, 1997, that ordinance and rule have been in effect within the Eugene City limits. The ordinance and administrative rules have been revised several times. In July of 1997, the City of Eugene signed a Memorandum of Agreement with the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality to assign and monitor 1200-C permits within the city limits.

On May 25th, 2004, the City of Eugene entered into an intergovernmental agreement with Lane County to administer and enforce the Erosion Prevention and Construction Site Management Program (Eugene BMP E-2 Exhibit “A”) outside city limits but inside the City of Eugene Urban Growth Boundary.

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Admin Order No. 58-03-01-F
Erosion Prevention Ordinance No. 20067