Culture Raising

Culture Raising Fence

Culture Raising install

Culture Raising

Riverfront Park Fenceline

Displayed: June 10, 2022 until the next phase of the riverfront development is completed.

Presented by ArtCity, in partnership with City of Eugene Parks and Open Spaces and Cultural Services

Culture Raising is a temporary public art project along a 100 foot fenceline in the new Riverfront Park. The artwork brings awareness to the Native American people and cultures in our community. Through this installation, the public will see larger than life faces of Native American people who live in our community. Half of each elder’s face is matched with a youth or young adult face, representing the past, present and future of the cultures and emphasizing unity.

The installation of the images invites young adults of historically under-represented backgrounds, cultures, and demographics to literally “raise” awareness of our Native American neighbors by working together to install the images of the Native American elders and young adults who TJ photographed. A video of the installation will be produced by Greg Black.

Project Artists

TJ is a young Native artist who originally photographed her family and tutors for this proposal. TJ chose to photograph one side of their faces as a way of telling their stories through her photography. Combining the elders with the faces of the youth gives viewers an up-close look into the eyes of those who have experienced life and those who have yet to explore and care for our world.

Gregory Stanley Black is a filmmaker, photographer and musician.

Charly Swing is a Eugene-based social practice and opportunity artist, and the founder/director of ArtCity.

This project was made possible with funding from Urban Renewal Agency of the City of Eugene and with support from Cultural Services and Parks and Open Spaces. This project is the result of an open artist call to Lane County artists in the summer of 2020.

Culture Raising Public Art TJ-Charly Swing-Greg BlackA Conversation on Culture Raising

A panel discussion with artists TJ, Charly Swing, Greg Black, and participants who worked together to raise up our Native American and Indigenous community through the social practice photography piece titled Culture Raising, located at the Riverfront Park Plaza. The panel discussion is led by LCC Longhouse Steward, Lori Tapahonso.  Watch the video on Facebook Live

Project Contact

Culture Raising artist and director/founder of ArtCity

Charly Swing

Ph: 541-556-2522