Andrew Daverman

Andrew Daverman R U Close? acrylic paint

Andrew Daverman

R U Close?, 2021

Acrylic paint, 24 x 18 x 1.375 in


On display at the Downtown Eugene Public Library

Artist Bio

Andrew Daverman was born in Nashville, Tennessee and graduated with a Bachelor's in Studio Art from Sewanee: University of the South. Currently living in Eugene, he paints full time while delving into his interests in design, music and science fiction. Daverman's work seeks to study the anxieties of living in the age of the internet through a simplified lens. He uses a cartoonish style to magnify emotion and narrative and to imbue a childlike wonder that is undercut by the dark themes of his work.

Artist Statement

Andrew Dale Daverman's (preferred name, Daverman) art illustrates a world where bad luck and catastrophe lurk around every corner. These paintings, illustrations and statues catch the acme safely suspended, seconds over its victim's head. Daverman uses a style reminiscent of lowbrow in acrylic paint to emphasize the cartoonish melodrama of these moments. His work seeks to overexaggerate the modern anxiety the age of the smartphone has brought upon us. While these devices create an unflinching connectivity between us, they simultaneously breed in us a separation disorder from our phones. We fear to disconnect, but what is coming down the digital pipes can be very real. It is this precarious equilibrium that we find in Daverman's art.

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