Stormwater Management Manual

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2014 Stormwater Management Manual (complete)

Appendices (A through M)

Chapter 1 - Stormwater Management in Eugene

Chapter 2 - Selecting, Designing, Constructing and Landscaping Stormwater Management Facilities

Chapter 3 - On-Site Source Controls

Chapter 4 - Operating & Maintaining Stormwater Facilities

Appendix A: Eugene Code - sections that regulate stormwater management policies and standards

Appendix B: Typical Facility Details

Appendix C: Forms

Appendix D: Facility Planting Design

Appendix E: Approved Proprietary Stormwater Treatment Technologies

Appendix F: Flow Control Structure and Pipe Outfall Sizing

Appendix G: Infiltration Testing

Appendix H: Stormwater Analysis Reports

Appendix I: Infiltration Limited Areas Map and NRCS Soils Group Map

Appendix J: Headwater Streams Map

Appendix K: Flood Control Design Storm Tables

Appendix L: Water Quality Design Storm Tables

Appendix M: Santa Barbara Urban Hydrograph Method

Related Documents

Operations and Maintenance

Form O and M: Operations and Maintenance Plan

Instructions for Notice of Operation and Maintenance Plan

Notice of Operations and Maintenance Plan

Stormwater Resources

Approved Proprietary Stormwater Treatment Technologies

Stormwater SubSurface Filtration/Infiltration Facility Sizing Spreadsheet

Stormwater Surface Filtration/Infiltration Facility Sizing Spreadsheet

SIM Form

Fact Sheets

Pervious Pavement

Rain Gardens

Soakage Trenches

Stormwater Swales

Sustainable Approaches to Stormwater Management