Bike of the Month

Found monthly in 2020 InMotion articles the "Bike of the Month" feature highlights some of the cool, fun, functional, and interesting bikes found around Eugene. Here they are gathered for reference. 

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Public Works Tern GSDs


Last year we ended the series "Bridge of the Month" and we thought it would be a good time to bring this section back but with a new theme for 2020. We’re calling this one "Bike of the Month" and throughout the year we’ll be highlighting some of the cool, fun, functional, and interesting bikes to be found around Eugene. 

This month we’re going to kick it off with the newest fleet bikes for two Public Works teams. Last year staff out at Roosevelt Yard and those at Public Works Engineering in downtown both purchased new e-assist fleet bikes to help reduce the number of trips taken by car and to increase healthy active transportation trips for staff. Two of those bikes were Tern GSDs. The bike is a sturdy, compact, and versatile cargo bike that can be used for basic transportation or to haul up to 200 pounds of cargo. With it’s low step through frame and easily adjustable stem and seat it’s a great fleet bike that can fit riders of different sizes. The e-assist drive system gives extra power to the pedaling (yes you still have to pedal an e-assist bike) from very little (Eco) to major (Turbo) and can flatten out the hills, turn the headwind around, shorten the distance, and lighten the cargo load while still giving you a workout. Staff can get between downtown and the Roosevelt Yard in about the same time it takes to drive but do so in a fun and active way, all while meeting our city goals around sustainability and wellness.It even allows ride sharing as a passenger can ride on the back!

These Tern GSDs are just two of the eight fleet bikes the City of Eugene owns that allow staff to reduce their carbon footprint and get their city work done in a way that meets our triple bottom line goals. Stay tuned to InMotion in the coming months to hear about other cool and interesting bikes from around Eugene.