Willamette Street Two-Way Conversion

Project Description

Willamette Street (from 18th Avenue to 20th Avenue) has a new look and people driving and biking can now travel both north and south on the formerly one-way section. The project also updated 20th Avenue (from Willamette to Oak Street) and Oak Street (from 20th to 19th Avenue) to two-way. The updates allow all street users to continue in both directions, with two-way motor vehicle travel and bike lanes on both sides of the street. 

Additionally, the traffic signal at 18th Avenue and Willamette Street was replaced, streets that show signs of deterioration were repaved, and sidewalk access ramps were reconstructed throughout the project in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. 

The Willamette Street Two-Way Conversion included the following:

  • Convert Willamette Street (from 18th to 20th) from one-way to two-way
  • Convert 20th Avenue (from Willamette to Oak) from one-way to two-way
  • Convert Oak Street( from 20th to 19th) from one-way to two-way
  • Replace the traffic signal at 18th and Willamette
  • Repave streets that show signs of deterioration
  • Reconstruct sidewalk access ramps throughout project

Project Timeline

The project was constructed in summer 2021. Prior to construction, all adjacent property owners, businesses, and residents received advanced notification for construction and proposed schedule.

Project Background

The Central Eugene in Motion study explored solutions for three key corridors: Downtown on 8th Avenue, Midtown Willamette Street, and the Amazon to Riverfront connection. After a community process that included stakeholder meetings, two open houses, surveys, online mapping and a series of focus groups with sub-area stakeholders, several projects were chosen:

Public Involvement

Learn more about the project development and public involvement and feedback at the Engage Eugene link below.

  1. Reed Dunbar (he/him)

    Transportation Planner