Division Avenue Roundabouts

Safety Improvements on Division Avenue

Community members in the River Road area rely on Division Avenue to access essential neighborhood-serving businesses. However, people traveling along the corridor struggle to make safe turns across busy lanes of traffic. Over the past several years, there have been two fatal traffic crashes and multiple severe injury crashes along Division Avenue. 

To address the documented safety challenges on Division Avenue, the City is redesigning the corridor for safety and flow. The project will include:

  • Three roundabouts, including the intersection of Division Avenue and Lone Oak Drive, as well as the two commercial driveways to the West 
  • Travel lane reduction from two in each direction to one in each direction 
  • Crossing infrastructure to support people walking and biking at the roundabouts 
  • Turn diverters to ensure correct traffic circulation 
  • Traffic calming from where Division Avenue diverges from Randy Pape Beltline to Lone Oak Way to slow drivers before they enter the series of roundabouts 
  • Bike lanes that are buffered and protected with flexible delineators 

Why Roundabouts? 

Roundabouts are a safer and less expensive solution than traffic signals for the challenges that drivers face on Division Avenue. The benefits of roundabouts include: 

  • Fewer Traffic Crashes: Roundabouts reduce turn conflicts between roadway users! One-way travel through a roundabout presents fewer possible directions for turn related crashes than currently exist on Division Avenue.

  • Less Severe Crashes: The curved nature of roundabouts will reduce the speed of vehicles on this portion of Division Avenue. Cars and trucks will need to slow down as they approach the roundabout to check for oncoming traffic, and circulate through the roundabout at low speeds. Lower vehicle speeds mean that when crashes do occur, they will often be less severe.  

  • Better Crossing Conditions for People Walking and Biking: The design of bicycle and pedestrian facilities at these roundabout will aim to improve the safety and comfort of walking and biking on Division Avenue.

Community Engagement

The project will include extensive business outreach to all businesses and commercial property owners affected, as well as community outreach with shoppers that utilize Division Avenue. 

  1. Logan Telles (he/him)

    Transportation Planner