Walking in Eugene

Walking is the simplest and least expensive mode of transportation. It’s easy and invigorating and you don’t have to drive in traffic, look for a parking space, or pay for parking.  

Walking for transportation provides all the health benefits of exercise while allowing you to experience the sights, sounds and smells that you would miss in a car. Interested in seeing all the local Eugene businesses, entertainment and services within walking distance of your home? Get your Walk Score.

If your destination seems too far to commute on foot, you can still take advantage of the benefits of walking in the following ways:

  • Walk to a bus stop, and take the LTD Bus
  • Walk to a meeting point for your carpool or vanpool
  • Once you get to work, walk to lunch, errands and meetings

Walking Groups

Walking groups provide a fun and social way to stay healthy! Some local walking groups include: 

Motivation to Move

This Meetup group allows community members interested in walking or hiking to post walks and meet-up in person. More at meetup.com/Motivation-to-Move. FREE.


The Obsidian offer walks, trips and outings throughout the year. These vary from easy afternoon walks to strenuous hikes and overnight backpacks. More at obsidians.org

Spirited Walkers  

Train to walk the marathon with the Spirited Walkers of Eugene. Led and coached by Kay Porter, Ph.D., a long time runner and walker, the group meets every month for an informational meeting and each weekend for a long walk. More at thementalathlete.com.

Walk n' Talkers

This friendly, self-led group walks 3- 5 miles at a quick pace. The route varies and may have hills or rough pavement. Walks depart at 9 a.m. sharp Fridays from the Campbell Community Center. Most walks include a stop to get treats, so bring "coffee money" with you. Call 541-682-5318 for more information. FREE.

Walking Resources

Smartphone Apps 

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