Renter Protections Process

City Council Process to Review and Potentially Update Renter Protections in the City of Eugene 

In November 2021 Council reviewed the Housing Policy Board’s recommendations on Renter Protections. Council directed staff to assess the feasibility and resources needed to implement the renter protections consistent with the Housing Policy Board’s recommendations, and several additional considerations from Council members.

Staff will return with this information to Council in early 2022.

Renter protections are broadly defined.  They can include programs like the City’s Rental Housing Code program, which regulates rental properties in the city by creating minimum habitability standards. Renter protections can also include anti-discrimination protections like the ones found in Eugene’s Human Rights Code.   They can even include rent stabilization and limitations on no-cause evictions like those found in SB  608 (2019).

The recommendations for renter protections made by the Housing Policy Board are focused on: 

1) Protecting renters and vulnerable populations and

2) Preventing displacement. 

Housing Policy Board Recommendation to City Council on Renter Protections

Housing Policy Board Renter Protection Recommendations 2021

August  2,  2021: Housing Policy Board (HPB)  received  reports  from  the  Renter Protections Committee and  started  to  draft its  own  renter  protection recommendations for  Council’s  consideration.   

HPB met weekly for four weeks (September 13th, 20th, 27th, and October 4th) to discuss and finalize its recommendations. 

Public Comment to the Housing Policy Board Came From:

    Rental Owner’s Association 

    Springfield-Eugene Tenant Association 

    Ex-officio members of the HPB who are local affordable housing providers 

The HPB renter protection recommendations include recommendations for enhanced renter protections focused on two stages of renting, the application stage and the move-in/move-out stage, along with a recommended path for funding and oversight.   All the components of HPB’s recommendations are intended to work together to lower barriers to housing access, prevent discrimination, and strengthen protections to stabilize renters within the housing continuum.


  1. 2017 Council Work Session
  2. 2018 HPB Task Team
  3. 2019 Council Work Session
  4. Renter Protections Committee 2019-2021

In a February 21, 2017, Work Session Council received a presentation from staff about the status of rental housing in Eugene.   

  • Council directed staff to conduct additional research and return with more information at a future work session.
  • Next steps that emerged included working with the Housing Policy Board (HPB) to conduct outreach to renters to better understand rental housing affordability, availability, access, quality, and stability.