Fern Ridge Path Lighting

Fern Ridge Path

Fern Ridge Path Lighting

This project will add solar powered overhead lighting to the section of Fern Ridge Path that does not currently have lighting,  between City View Street and Bailey Hill Road.  The project will also include replacement of several missing lights along the Fern Ridge Path just east of Chambers Street. Repairs will be funded by the voter-approved Pavement Bond Measure and by the Parks and Open Space Bond.


Project Scope

Add overhead path lighting to the Fern Ridge Path where no lighting currently exists and replace several missing lights along the path just east of Chambers Road. The segment of Fern Ridge Path between City View Street and Bailey Hill Road is the last path segment that is without overhead lighting and, once completed, will add to the 7.2 miles of Fern Ridge Path that travels from the Lane County Fairgrounds to Meadowlark Prairie near Greenhill Road.  

Lights will use a low color temperature so as not to disturb wildlife along the Amazon Creek.  Shielding of overhead lighting will also reduce encroachment of the path lighting into vital natural habitats along the Amazon corridor.


Construction is scheduled for spring 2024. 

  1. Catherine Rohan

    Associate Transportation Planner