2022 Windowfront Exhibitions

Carrie Ingrassia FlowCari Ingrassia

FLOW | video projections and fabric

Dates displayed: December 10, 2021 - February 20, 2022

Location: 833 Willamette Street

About: The unending flow, strength and adaptability of moving waters contain metaphors that resonate throughout my daily life. Lockdown afforded me more time with nature and I reconnected to the simple magic of sunlight dancing upon the moving surface of the Willamette River. While in contemplation at the river’s edge, I began recording and manipulating videos of this glittery brilliance. FLOW is meant to be an intriguing and beautiful exhibit. It’s a way to connect with the natural world within downtown’s urban setting. But more importantly, my hope is for viewers to pause, experience the river’s radiance, and be invited to realign with their own inner brilliance and flow.

Cari Ingrassia designs unexpected and participatory art experiences that cultivate a community mindset. Her exhibits have ranged from interactive to immersive and include digital, multimedia and sculptural elements. Collaboration is essential to her process from ideation to fabrication to exhibit experience. She partners with artists of other disciplines, capitalizing on their skill sets to make each art installation unique in form and media. Collaboration extends to viewers that playfully engage with the work. cariingrassia.com, @cari.ingrassia.art


Bubble | holographic projection mapping, 3D & 2D motion graphics, Serato video

Dates displayed: December 13, 2021 - February 20, 2022

Location: 856 Willamette Street

About: Bubble is an audiovisual anthology of dystopian narratives blended together as a seamless mix. The circular form of the projection lends itself to the infinite complexity of the issues presented and "bubbles" of thought, where one can only see issues from their own perspective, restricting them from reason and rational solutions.

About Artist Work: Under alias Clone creates immersive SciFi worlds and loud dystopian narratives with 3D projection mapping, live motion graphics and electronic music. clone.la, @clone.js

Fermata Ballet photo by Jay EadsFermata Ballet Collective

GRASP | dance and video

Dates displayed: December 10, 2021 - February 20, 2022

Location: 99 W. 10th Avenue, east alley window

About: Resident artists of Fermata Ballet Collective began the process of this project by creating individual choreographic phrases. After sharing each of our movement sets, we noticed that every one of us included a pulling, reaching, touching, or grasping motion within our desired movement. We theorized that these similar movements possibly came from our collective psyche of trying to navigate the pandemic, the shutdowns, the loneliness, the uncertainty and the need to feel a true and tactile connection with ourselves and others. We organized our individual movements into a dance, creating “GRASP”. This black and white film takes the viewer through our motions in an intimate way - allowing the audience to see the tendons, fingers, toes, muscles and eyes as we move with intention. After GRASP, we feature each of our resident artists as they perform improvisational dance and/or selected movements from the original choreography.

Fermata Ballet Collective (FBC) was founded by seven dancers in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic as a safe environment to create art and stability in our community while the world around us remains in unrest. During this pause in regular arts programming, FBC acts as a refuge for dancers who have found their careers and projects on hold due to the pandemic, as well as opportunities to explore dance art in a respectful and safe manner with a focus on inclusivity and social justice.

FBC is determined to cultivate a collaborative approach to the creative process, valuing the experience of each individual without judgment. Our goal is to support artists as they aim to create progressive content with respect, adaptability and responsibility. Genuine and resilient dancers who are committed to creating a safe and professional environment are welcome into our studios. FBC will not tolerate or condone discrimination against any individual regarding race, color, ethnicity, national origin, sex, gender, sexual orientation, pregnancy, appearance, religion, age or ability. fermataballetcollective.com

Josh Sands Solace No. 3Josh Sands

Solace No. 3, 2021 | borosilicate glass, framed drawing, rocking chair, table, lamp, books, umbrella and hardware

Dates displayed: December 10, 2021 - February 20, 2022

Location: 280 W Broadway

About: This installation of glass art and domestic life coming together is the third iteration in my series Solace. In the two previous artworks, I installed 600 individual strands of hanging glass spread out in a domestic space, a common setting used for quiet reading and meditation. The scenes were set with tables, couches and chairs, stacks of books, and a lamp. The glass as raindrops seemed to dance and play in an unexpected yet familiar way, leaving the viewer entranced and pondering the significance of the scene.

The essence of this series is meant to capture the dazzling visual wonder of a rainstorm and the calming effect that such an event can have on quiet time. In this third installation, I continued with the basic storyline but added the element of an umbrella to speak to the isolation and personal feelings we have all been experiencing during the pandemic years.

Josh Sands is a multimedia contemporary artist interested in art, art history and anthropology. His work centers around social equity and cultural advocacy. joshsands.com/about, joshsandsart@gmail.com