Short Story Dispenser

Travelers flying through Eugene Airport can now pick up free reading at a new short story dispenser provided in a partnership between the Airport, Eugene Public Library and Eugene Public Library Foundation. 

People of all ages can use a touch-free button to choose Local, International, or For Kids options, then receive a free short story or poem printed on demand like a receipt using ink-free recycled paper. 

All written works offered by the dispenser can also be read online at the library.

The Local collection features pieces contributed by more than 30 Lane County writers. Writings for future use can be submitted at the library website.

The Eugene short story dispenser is the first in Oregon and is the only one located at an airport in the Pacific Northwest. The kiosk stands in front of a colorful wall-size illustration of an Oregon landscape inscribed with quotations about reading. It is located on the landing at the top of the escalator to A Gates , a route taken by approximately one million people annually.

There are more than 300 dispensers in action worldwide, including Melbourne, Hong Kong, Paris, London, San Francisco, and Philadelphia, which have served more than 5.6 million readers.