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The City of Eugene has two web cameras; one overlooking the wetlands at Meadowlark Prairie east of Green Hill Road, and one in the Owen Rose Garden near the Willamette River. They are some of the most popular pages on our site, and for good reasons.

Visitors from as far away as Brazil have written to thank us for providing a connection to a place they love and people who are dear to them. Former Eugeneans tell us they enjoy seeing what the weather is doing in their old stomping grounds. And family members share of delighting to see their children or parents on camera in real time.

So sit back and enjoy watching shorebirds probing the waters of Meadowlark Prairie. Gaze at the hundreds of gorgeous roses or the heritage cherry tree in our world-famous Owen Rose Garden. Or simply check the weather in Eugene from anywhere on the planet. We’re glad to share our little corner of the world with you.