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Maintain trails, remove invasive plants, care for community gardens, spruce up playgrounds, plant natives, interact directly with park guests as a tour guide or docent – and so much more. Your options for going out, getting dirty and giving back are as interesting as you are. Join our outstanding team of volunteers and staff coordinators. Learn new skills, meet awesome people, and improve the quality-of-life in Eugene.
Whether you have time to volunteer one-time, for a few weeks, or years to come - Eugene Outdoors has a place for you. To find your perfect niche, check out the volunteer opportunities.
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You could climb Mount Everest twice and still not cover the amount of trail that volunteers maintained last year. The amount of litter they removed from parks would overflow 14 garbage trucks and it would take more than 10,500 wheelbarrows to hold all the weeds. In total, volunteers contributed 20,643 hours at 588 events in 105 locations throughout the Parks and Open Space system in 2017, a gift to our community valued at $498,322. Check out our 2017 highlight reel to read just some of the stories that shaped the past year.

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