Bertelsen Rd/Bailey Hill Rd Roundabout

Description of Need

The intersection of Bertelsen Road at Bailey Hill Road is a 3-leg intersection, with Bertelsen Road terminating at Bailey Hill Road.  Analysis of data at this intersection showed a high number of vehicle turning movement crashes.  Staff investigations and follow-up with citizen complaints identified speed as a major factor in these crashes.  The intersection serves as a transition between higher-speed rural highway and dense urbanized area.  Exacerbating the need for intersection redesign is the recent installation of a trailhead and parking lot for Wild Iris Ridge Park.

Proposed Roundabout Location

Proposed Solution

City Traffic Engineers have identified a roundabout as the preferred safety solution at the Bertelsen Road/Bailey Hill Road intersection.  Roundabouts are a proven countermeasure to reduce vehicle speeds and severity of crashes at intersections.  Additionally, this roundabout will serve as a gateway to the City of Eugene and help to slow vehicle speeds as they enter the urbanized area.

What will be Constructed

A roundabout will be installed in the intersection of Bertelsen Road at Bailey Hill Road.  The design will also include enhanced pedestrian crossings of Bertelsen Road/Bailey Hill Road and overhead lighting at the intersection.

How is the Project Funded?

The City of Eugene received a grant from the Oregon Department of Transportation to fund the project.

What is the Timeline

The roundabout is currently in design with construction anticipated to occur no sooner than 2024.

Who do I Contact for Additional Information?

Please contact Reed Dunbar, Senior Transportation Planner, with any comments or requests for additional information.


Phone: 541-682-5727

City of Springfield Roundabout Brochure