2022 River Road and Irvington Drive Annexation

What is annexation?

Annexation (sometimes called "incorporation") is the legal process by which properties and streets become part of a city. After annexation, a property or street will be inside the city limits and is no longer under county jurisdiction. In the City of Eugene, annexations mush be approved by the Eugene City Council. This proposed annexation will only include two street sections: a section of River Road (Wedgewood Drive to East Beacon Drive) and a section of Irvington Drive (River Road to 350 feet west). 

To see the exact location of the proposed location, refer to this map

Why should we annex Lane County streets?

This proposed annexation of sections of River Road and Irvington Drive to the City of Eugene was initiated for the purposes of providing more consistent services, such as traffic enforcement and infrastructure operations, maintenance, and planning. The adjacent street sections of River Road and Irvington Drive are already annexed to the City. The comprehensive plan for Eugene, the Eugene Springfield Metropolitan Area General Plan (or "Metro Plan") says that Eugene will be the ultimate provider for urban services for all areas inside Eugene's Urban Growth Boundary (UGB). In order for these sections of River Road and Irvington Drive to have typical services, including wastewater and stormwater systems, EWEB water,  City police and fire protection, the streets must first be annexed to the City. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will this annexation make my taxes go up?

No private property owners’ taxes will increase as a result of this annexation. The City is only annexing sections of River Road and Irvington Drive, which are public streets currently under Lane County authority. Once annexed, these sections of River Road and Irvington Drive will be under City of Eugene authority but will not impact the annexation status of private properties or taxes of abutting or nearby private property owners.

Who approves annexations?

The Eugene City Council must approve all annexations in Eugene. Applications will be submitted, and fees will be paid to the City of Eugene’s Planning Department. The applicant for the annexation of these sections of River Road and Irvington Drive is City of Eugene’s Public Works Department.

Will the City charge properties along a street for improvements if the street is annexed?

No. These sections of River Road and Irvington Drive are fully improved and require no property owner funded improvements as part of the annexation.

Will this affect long term transportation planning for the River Road/Santa Clara area?

This annexation will not impact long term transportation planning for the area. The purpose of this annexation is to provide more consistent services and infrastructure provided by the City in accordance with the Eugene‐Springfield Metropolitan Area General Plan (or “Metro Plan”).

For more Information on Annexations, please contact the resources below:
  • City of Eugene website: www.eugeneplanning.org
  • City Planning: Planner on Duty, 99 W 10th Ave. from 9am – 5pm, or call 541‐682‐5377
  • Oregon Law Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) 222 and Eugene Code (EC) 9.7800