Katsuyuki Shibata

Katsuyuki Shibata Autumn Glory face mounted archival pigment print

Katsuyuki Shibata

Autumn Glory, 2022

Face mounted archival pigment print, 25 x 36 x 1 in


On display at the Downtown Eugene Public Library

Artist Bio

Born in Japan, Katsuyuki grew up under the influence of his craftsman father and studied graphic design in high school. After moving to the United States, he explored mediums like stained glass and printmaking, then onto organic farming for a decade. Eventually, Katsuyuki picked up a film camera while creating slideshows for the sister city exchange program, which ultimately led him to pursue landscape photography.

In 2011, Katsuyuki’s first major exhibit at Eugene’s Jacobs Gallery was well received for his interpretation of remote Oregon landscapes and strong sense of composition. Today, he ventures out on backpacking trips in the alpine countries with his family. Nothing is more rewarding to him than finding beauty and experiencing solitude in the wilderness, the bringing back images that capture those special memories through the hard work of getting there. Sadly, many of Katsuyuki’s favorite places have begun to be affected by climate change in recent years. It is now almost becoming his mission to preserve this beauty by photographing these places, sharing with others and passing onto future generations. Katsuyuki hopes that these places will recover through transformations over time, and the images that he has captured will also become inspirations to many others who have not had a chance to experience them.

Most recently, a selection of Katsuyuki’s photographs was acquired by the University of Oregon for its newly renovated University Health Counseling and Testing Center. More than a dozen images that he continued to capture over the years are finally in the spotlight.

Artist Statement

My art is all about absorbing myself into an activity.

I enjoy watching nature; changing constantly, never duplicated;

Light, color, subjects - They are all essential elements for the drama.

When I encounter the perfect moment, I am touched;

I want to capture that scene.

I am absorbed in the process - the wonderful space that one can be in.

As my tag line ”Engaging the Understated Beauty of Oregon, the Northwest and Beyond” suggests, I love photographing the natural environment closer to home. The images that best capture what I consider the essence of my artistic style are those with elements that are often quiet, subtle and understated, yet reflecting my emotions.

Magical lighting and captivating colors of water combined with other elements like earth, sky, flora and wildlife that quietly thrive in the environment... those encounters continue to resonate with me long after I experience them.

Today, I continue to capture the images of places with the same intention as when I started. While my interest has expanded to the alpine countries of the Cascade Range, I still cherish remote areas of Oregon and will continue to find beauty in ordinary places – perhaps with a little more understanding of how to approach in order to achieve my goal.

Everything I have done, including numerous mistakes, have led me to where I am now. With each new image I learn something new, which helps me to cultivate a more critical eye that further fuels my creativity and artistic exploration.

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