Pre-Approved ADU: The Reach by Aligned Architecture

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Pre-Approved ADU: The Reach

The Reach is a pre-approved accessory dwelling unit (ADU) designed by Aligned Architecture.


  • 670 Sqft
  • 1 Bedroom
  • 1 Bathroom
  • Single-level


A modernist studio that could fit in the backyard of existing residences. Its shed roof lifts over high transom windows, allowing tall storage areas, ample daylight, and views of sky and trees. The deep roof overhangs shelter the entries, a deck, and optional storage racks. The flexible interiors are comprised of a large great room encompassing the living, dining, and kitchen areas, and features a bedroom and bathroom with space for a washer and dryer.

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Learn more and purchase plans from the Aligned Architecture website.

A Preapproved ADU Design Concept By CedarStone