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Teen Empowerment Program

Eugene Rec Teen Empowerment Program works with community partners to provide out of school time recreation and enrichment activities for youth. Programs empower teens by building life and job skills, offering access to caring youth and adult mentors, participating in service opportunities, improving leadership abilities, and increasing access to other vital community resources. Programs are designed to be low-barrier and inclusive so that every young person is provided the opportunity to grow up safely and access their best possible future. All programs are free and provide food.

Winter and Spring offerings are listed below.

  1. Media, Arts & Technology
  2. Pathways to Employment
  3. Day Trips
  4. Teen Clubs
  5. Ongoing Opportunities
  6. Other Classes

Media, Arts & Technology

The goals of the Media, Arts and Technology programs are to teach youth to work successfully with advanced, industry-standard audio-visual equipment, build a mobile media unit out of a cargo trailer, co-host community events and learn to create quality social media content. Youth will gain industry-related job experience applicable to music venue work, audio-visual creation, social media content creation, audio-visual post-production processing and editing and other related skills in creative industries. All activities are adaptable to participants’ unique learning styles.

All meet at Washington Park Center

Baile Folklorico Art Class

Ages 14-18

Learn to use traditional Mexican art-making techniques to construct fiber arts, basket weave, sculpt and craft paper ornate paper flowers. In this class you’ll learn about Mexican culture and why these art forms are significant.

April 2-May 28   Tuesdays   6-7 p.m.   Free

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Baile Folklorico Dance Class

Ages 14-18

Learn about Mexican culture and dance. This class will build your confidence in dance skills and you’ll learn about spatial awareness, traditional movement and the cultural significance of Mexican music.

January 9-March 5   Tuesdays   6-7 p.m.   Free

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Into to Laser Projection Tech

Ages 14-18

Projection mapping is the art of using laser-powered projectors to distort surfaces with creative visuals. Participants will learn to use this tech and create moving scenery for the Spring Sculpture Competition display. If you’ve been looking for a place to show off your creativity, this is a great way to do it. This project will be on display downtown for all enjoy.

April 13   Saturday   12-4 p.m.   Free

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Intro to Song Production

Ages 14-18

Learn how to generate music using a mix of self-recorded sounds and digital work. We’ll review the basics of song production with a variety of digital editing tools and explore creative approaches to music-making. You’ll leave with some production skills and the project you’ve created.

May 27   Monday   12-3:30 p.m.   Free

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Intro to Videography

Ages 14-18

Learn to capture, edit and produce quality content for social media, short films or memes. Learn to explore your own interests with the guidance of adults who have found success in creative fields of work. We’ll have a guest speaker from the Hult Center that specializes in videography and works with artists from around the world. Now’s the chance to practice your skills and produce your own creative project to take home.

May 25   Saturday   12-4 p.m.   Free

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Journaling Workshop

Ages 15-18

Create a personalized journal from a wide variety of exciting materials. Guided by a Master of Fine Art, participants can expect to spend time during this workshop constructing their journals and learning to reflect creatively in them. No one is required to share their writing, you can keep your secrets and your journal at the end of the workshop.

January 27   Saturday   2-4 p.m.   Free

April 6   Saturday   2-4 p.m.   Free

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Kite Making Workshop

Ages 13-17

Learn building techniques of various forms of flying contraptions and then create your own. Choose from designs that we’ve provided or engineer something unique. We’ll test them all in a simulated wind tunnel or outside, weather permitting. Fly them at the coast with us on February 16. For details see Coastal Storm Watch in Day Trips.

February 7   Wednesday   4-7 p.m.   Free

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Sculpture Competition

Ages 12-18

Work in small teams to build giant papier-mâché sculptures. We’ll be using old Rec Guides and other recycled materials to fabricate an artwork of your design. Each sculpture has the chance to be featured in a public event and voted on in various categories. Show us how beautiful being sustainable can be.

April 1   Monday   12-5 p.m.   Free

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Teen Art Show

Ages 12-15

Spend the first part of the day perusing the isles of MECCA, searching for the ultimate materials for your creative project. The rest of the day will be spent creating art, either following your interests or supported by a guiding theme. Your artwork will be displayed at Graham Field House where we will host a gallery reception with refreshments. The reception will be open to the public.

February 19   Monday   8 a.m.-5 p.m.   Free

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