For Residents

Residents and City Telecommunications

Adopted in 1997, City of Eugene Telecommunications program benefits the community by ensuring that telecommunications services providers, such as telephone, cable TV, cellular service, Internet access, and VoIP to name a few, comply with local laws for using the public rights-of-way, erecting facilities within the city limits of Eugene, responding to community consumer complaints.

The City’s program also benefits the community by using a dedicated telecommunications business tax to fund new city telecommunications technology projects.

Other Government Resources for Residents

Statewide Municipal Video: Rights of Way, Protecting and Paying for the Public’s Lifeline

A League of Oregon Cities-sanctioned video project to update a 1999 video about local municipal authority in managing the public rights of way. The video illustrates municipal policies and authorities relating to the construction within, and long term use of the public rights of way by telecommunications companies and other utilities.

7 minute and 3 minute video links are below. The 7 minute video includes commentary from a variety of Oregon elected officials. 7 minute 3 minute