Lincoln Street Bikeway Project


What is the project?

Eugene has received money from the Oregon Department of Transportation to design and build an all ages and abilities bike facility on Lincoln Street between 13th Avenue and 5th Avenue.

Why Lincoln Street?

Lincoln Street is a low traffic street that fills out the city’s existing bike network, as it connects the 13th Avenue protected bikeway and the 5th Avenue bike lanes.  A bike network works best when all the pieces are filled in, Lincoln Street is one of those missing pieces!

Why are we doing this project?

The City of Eugene is committed to a vision of zero traffic deaths and life altering injuries, reducing green house gas emissions, and providing more transportation options to all community members. Constructing an all ages and abilities bike facility on Lincoln Street moves the city a step closer to meeting all of those goals.

What’s the timeline?

  • Fall and Winter 2023 - Community outreach to determine ideal bike facility design
  • 2024 – Engineering work to draw up final plan set
  • 2025 – Construction


What is an all ages and abilities bike facility? 

The answer to that question is in the name! An all ages and abilities bike facility is bicycle infrastructure that can be used safely and comfortable by people off all ages and abilities. This includes school-age children, seniors, women, people of color, people with disabilities, and confident cyclists. Not every all ages and abilities bike facility looks the same. The specific design of an all ages and abilities bike facility will vary based on a street’s vehicle volumes, vehicle speeds, and other attributes.

See the National Association of City Transportation Officials’ (NACTO) webpage for designing for all ages and abilities for more information. 

How can I be involved?

Check out the Lincoln Street Bike Project Engage Eugene page to see more about the following ways to be involved.

  • Attend an in-person or virtual meeting to learn about the project and ask questions
  • Use the online interactive map to pinpoints spots in the project area you feel need extra attention
  • Share your hopes, concerns, ideas, and questions about the project with city staff via the project's Engage Eugene page or by emailing Catherine Rohan at
  • Sign up to receive emailed project updates

How will you get community engagement?

We recognize that Lincoln Street between 5th Avenue and 13th Avenue is used by lots of different people, each with different needs. People live, work, play, and travel on Lincoln Street. We want to hear from all of those people! 

We plan to mail postcards, host online and in-person meetings, knock on doors, offer to attend existing organizations’ meetings, and post to social media to let people know how they can be involved and that we want to hear their input.

Will the project remove parking?

We don’t yet know what the final design of the street will look like and if it will remove on street vehicle parking, that’s what community engagement will help us figure out!