20-Minute Neighborhood


In an effort to better understand the connections between walkability, livability and the geography of Eugene, the City of Eugene recently completed a 20-minute neighborhoods assessment. You can learn more about what 20-minute neighborhoods are, why they are important and how this assessment was completed through these short, informative descriptive pages:

  1. What is a 20-Minute Neighborhood?
  2. Why are 20-Minute Neighborhoods important?
  3. What are the benefits of 20-Minute Neighborhoods?
  4. Where can I experience a 20-Minute Neighborhood?
  5. What is the 20-Minute Neighborhood assessment?
  1. How is walkability measured?
  2. What other factors are important?
  3. What have we learned?
  4. What can we influence?


Eugene’s 20-minute neighborhoods assessment generated a series of 11 maps showing key factors to describe a resident’s access to services without an automobile. The abbreviated descriptions which accompany each map are intended to aid in its interpretation for general audiences. You may download and view each map: