Sustainability in your Business

Be More Sustainable at Work

There are lots of steps you can take to be more sustainable at work. Start with these tips, and then follow the links to learn more about other sustainable practices:

  • Get Energy Smart
    Eugene Water and Electric Board (EWEB) offers energy saving tips and a variety of rebates, low-interest loans and tax credit assistance for energy efficiency upgrades at your business.
  • Power Up With Clean Energy
    Switching to a renewable energy source like EWEB’s Greenpower can dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions from your business.
  • Encourage Public Transportation and Bike Use
    Offer free or discounted bus passes and provide bike lockers for employees. Federal law allows many of these benefits to be offered tax-free, and they are a great way to attract and retain well qualified staff.
  • Start a Recycling Program
    Your business can save money by implementing a comprehensive recycling program. This is a simple, low-cost way to reduce garbage hauling fees and conserve resources. If your business produces food waste, sign up for the new Love Food Not Waste Program to have it composted.
  • Upgrade to ENERGY STAR
    By purchasing ENERGY STAR equipment, a typical office with 100 employees can cut its annual electricity costs by nearly $5,000.
  • Make Sustainable Purchases
    Support the economy that supports you by buying locally. Buying bulk, recycled-content goods can also save money and reduce resource consumption. Also, minimize the amount of packaging for goods purchased and sold.
  • Toxic Material Reduction
    If you use toxic products in your business, create an inventory of these materials, and find substitutes whenever possible.
  • Build Green
    Incorporate green building features into your new or existing place of work. Sustainable commercial buildings are eligible for a tax credit from the Oregon Department of Energy. Read about Eugene’s Green Building Program to get more information on green building practices, incentives and technical assistance.
  • Emphasize Sustainability in the Work Place
    Create a staff team or education program to help make employees aware of the total energy cost for the facility. Encourage them to brainstorm ways to operate more sustainably.