The City Recorder and staff coordinate and administer the City’s municipal election activities including receiving filings from candidates for the positions of mayor, councilor and Eugene Water and Electric Board. The Recorder’s Office processes initiative, referendum and recall petitions. The City Recorder prepares elections schedules, files measures for the ballot and certifies the final election results. A Eugene voters’ pamphlet is published for elections with city measures on the ballot and includes information on city measures and candidates. Information concerning the Eugene Water and Electric Board and School District elections also may be included.

General information about election processes is available in Chapter 2 of the Eugene Code.

Notice of Election

City of Eugene

A general election will be held in the City of Eugene, Oregon on Tuesday, November 3, 2020, and will be conducted by Lane County Elections in accordance with Oregon Revised Statutes. This election is called for the purpose of voting on the following candidates and measure of the City of Eugene:


  • Mayor: Lucy Vinis 
  • City Councilor Ward 1: Emily Semple, Eliza Kashinsky 
  • City Councilor Ward 2: Matthew Keating 
  • City Councilor Ward 7: Claire Syrett 
  • City Councilor Ward 8: Randy Groves

  • EWEB Wards 1 & 8: Matt McRae 
  • EWEB Wards 2 & 3: John Barofsky 
  • EWEB Wards 6 & 7: Sonya Carlson 

Ballot Measure 


Measure Authorizing a Five-year Local Option Levy for the Funding of Library Options 

Ballot Measure 20-309

The City of Eugene will produce a Voters’ Pamphlet for this ballot measure. Arguments supporting or opposing the measure may be placed in the pamphlet by paying a fee of $300 or by submitting the signatures of 300 City of Eugene registered voters. 

ARGUMENTS MUST BE SUBMITTED TO THE CITY RECORDER NO LATER THAN 5 p.m., Tuesday, September 8, 2020, on forms provided by the City. 

Instructions and forms for Voters’ Pamphlet arguments