Bond Lane Park

Bond Lane Park is made up of 1.8 acres of developed park with a playground and 5.2 acres of natural area with neighborhood connector trails. In the coming months we will begin the process of rehabilitating the northeast portion of the natural area. 

Site Preparation

Machinery and hand crews will be used to clear out some of the dense understory in the area between the gate access from the Springs at Greer Gardens back towards the developed park (see attached map for approximate work areas). This clearing will allow staff to plan for a new trail segment that will provide another loop option in the park. This work will target invasive blackberry, non-native shrubs, and downed woody debris and will avoid damaging native trees and shrubs. 

Approximate timeline: mid-October/November

Trail Planning

Trail specialists will identify the location for a new trail and seek bids from trail construction companies. During this time, you will see flagging hung on vegetation or you may see wooden stakes placed in the ground. Please do not remove these. 

Approx. timeline: mid-October/early November

Trail Construction

A trail contractor will construct the trail using equipment and hand labor. We may close trails for public safety.

Approx. timeline: mid-November/December

Native Tree and Shrub Planting

A contractor will plant hundreds of native shrubs and trees in the northeast portion of the site to improve the habitat and add to the native diversity of the site. 

Approx. timeline: December/January

Additional Invasive Species Control

Follow-up control of invasive species such as blackberry may need to occur to help improve habitat conditions and ensure success of the planting. 

Approx. timeline: spring, summer, fall of 2024

Access for this work will be primarily from Happy Lane. We will provide a staging area for the contractor inside the park and will ask them to minimize disruption to the neighborhood as they enter and exit the park. It is possible we may need to close sections of the existing trails for the safety of park users. We will do our best to keep those closures short and apologize in advance for any inconvenience. Work hours will be Monday through Friday 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

For more information, please contact:
Lauri Holts, Ecological Services Team