Public Records


As the City’s records manager, the city recorder coordinates public records requests and is responsible for the maintenance, preservation and retention of City documents to ensure compliance with state records law. The City Council minutes, Municipal Charter, Eugene Code, ordinances, resolutions and other documents are historic and are retained permanently. The city recorder maintains an archive facility in a separate secured location for the storage and preservation of historic and inactive records. The city recorder also monitors and maintains City contracts, and records City deeds and land use agreements. 

Email public records requests to
or mail to: 
Eugene City Manager's Office
125 East 8th Avenue, 2nd floor
Eugene, Oregon  97401

Attorney General’s Government Transparency Report

In response to growing public frustration with Oregon’s Public Records Law, then-Attorney General John Kroger launched a systematic review to identify weak points and suggest improvements to the law in time for the 2011 legislative session. During this process, the Attorney General received hundreds of suggestions and comments, and then catalogued and highlighted potential solutions to the most pressing problems. The result is the Attorney General’s Government Transparency Report.