Bailey Lane, Bogart Lane, Satre Street, Van Duyn Street Traffic Calming Project

What is this Project? 

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The Bailey, Bogart, Satre, and Van Duyn traffic calming project is currently scoped to include a series of speed cushions on these streets. Speed cushions encourage drivers to slow down by raising the roadway three inches over a span of 14 feet. Speed cushions are different from other vertical deflection devices (such as speed bumps or speed humps) because speed cushions include “tire slots” that allow large emergency response vehicles to pass over the cushions without impacting their travel time.

The traffic calming project is being delivered in conjunction with a repaving project. The repaving project includes Bailey Lane, select portion of Van Avenue, and select portions of Luella Street. Funding for the repaving and traffic calming projects comes from the 2017 Street Bond, Transportation System Development Charge fund, and Traffic Calming fund.

Why Now?

The City of Eugene’s Traffic Calming Program is initiated by residents who are concerned about speeding traffic on neighborhood streets. In this case, the City of Eugene has received correspondence from neighbors going back to 2011 about unsafe vehicle speeds in this area. 

Speed studies on these streets confirmed that over half of all vehicles traveling on these roadways are speeding and that approximately 15% of all drivers are exceeding 30 MPH. The City of Eugene has only recently been able to secure funding for a safety project in this area. Construction is expected to begin in summer 2024 but may shift.

Benefits of this Project

Better Connectivity to Schools: This project will support safer and more comfortable trips to Monroe Middle School, Holt Elementary School, and St. Paul’s Catholic School. School registration data shows that there are large numbers of families with elementary and middle school students living directly on these roadways and on adjacent streets. Traffic calming on Bailey, Bogart, Satre, and Van Duyn supports the City of Eugene and 4J School District’s shared vision of creating safe and comfortable walking/biking access to schools.

Better Connectivity to Parks: In addition to creating safer access to schools, the project will improve walking and biking access to Ascot Park, which includes sports fields and a track.

Reducing Risk of Injury of Death: The City of Eugene’s Vision Zero Resolution set the official goal of reducing traffic fatalities and serious injuries to zero. Speed reduction is one of the City of Eugene’s key strategies in making progress towards this goal because speeding is one of the main factors that affect how severe crashes are when they do occur. Even a 5-10 MPH difference in speeds can have a large impact on the risk of serious injury or death, particularly for people walking or biking.



Community Engagement 

We want to hear your thoughts and questions about the Bailey/Bogart/Satre/Van Duyn Traffic Calming project! Join us for an online community meeting or email us at any time.