About the City Manager

City Manager Jon RuizMeet the City Manager
As Eugene’s City Manager, Jon Ruiz is working diligently to ensure ongoing social, environmental and economic progress for our community. His emphasis on open communication and collaboration, and his positive, solution-oriented style strengthens valuable relationships and helps promote a healthy, productive civic culture.

Since Ruiz (pronounced “Reese”) came on board in April 2008, he has worked with City staff, elected officials and community members to tackle a number of challenges: balancing the City budget; devising a 21st century plan through the Envision Eugene initiative; filling the long vacant pits in our downtown area; improving our previously neglected street system; fostering sustainability by preparing for climate change and fuel uncertainties; addressing housing and homelessness issues faced by an ever increasing number of citizens, including many veterans; and reducing formerly intractable high property crime rates.

Ruiz brings 20 years of municipal government experience to the position. He received an MBA from the University of Colorado in 1988 and attended Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government Senior Executives Program in 1999. Ruiz, a retired U.S. Army Colonel, also received a Masters of Strategic Studies at the U.S. Army War College in 2000. Most recently, he served as one of two Assistant City Managers in Fresno, California.

Jon appreciates the richness of Eugene’s arts and culture, the natural beauty of its trails and open spaces, the passion and compassion of its residents, and the creativity and dedication of the workers who comprise the City of Eugene organization. In his work and in his personal life, Jon is committed to contributing to an even more vital, livable community.

Meet the Assistant City ManagerSarah Medary
Sarah Medary was appointed to the role of Assistant City Manager on Feb. 15, 2009, after serving in an interim capacity for the previous six months. Before accepting this new challenge, Sarah held several positions at the City of Eugene and was most recently the Director of Recreation Services. Since joining the organization in 1996, she has gained a wide range of experience and increasing responsibility through her work in the Parks and Open Space and Engineering divisions of Public Works, and with the Library, Recreation and Cultural Services Department. This experience has given her a thorough knowledge of the organization as a front-line service provider and as a division leader.

Sarah headed to the Pacific Northwest after completing her bachelor’s degree at Colorado State University in 1989. After working in the Seattle area for several years, she moved to Eugene to pursue a second bachelor’s degree from the University of Oregon in Landscape Architecture.

Throughout her tenure as a City employee, Sarah has sought out opportunities to work with the community through efforts such as the Neighborhood Empowerment Initiative, Eugene 08 Track and Field Trials, the Homeless Initiative and early leadership in the development of the City’s Diversity program.

Though a Texan by birth, Sarah considers Eugene her permanent home and is eagerly anticipating all that our community has to offer as spring and summer approach.